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Spider roll by ShadowyMystik Spider roll :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 2 1
Take My Hand
Come both you and I, together we fight for our lives.
Here now don't you see, there is hope so let us flee.
The future ever so bright, here it shines giving us light.
Moving on...there's no fear, hands linking hearts that brought us near.
Hearts with so much power, how will our enemies break this tower?
So as we continue on and run, this is only the beginning of our fun.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
Tortured Mind
For pain and sorrow to wretch dreams,
the farthest reaches that have yet to be seen.
So little is known as anarchy sparks violently,
swiftly it moves overtaking hope...
Crushing such resistance with little struggle,
panic and horror is uprising rather quick.
Nowhere to run for there is no haven...
Torment fills the eyes destroying light,
insomnia making the fallen weaker.
With no strength the victim falls...
Down before a puddle of water,
only face to face with a reflection.
Just to see... the nemesis...
As eyes slowly close... and heartbeat cease.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
The Twisted Paths
I am lost in twisting paths,
with no idea where they go.
Blind but searching
I go on...
So many things I hear.
What do I believe?
I don't know if it's worth it anymore.
Blind but searching
I go on...
So many feelings locked inside.
The madness deep deep down.
All the moods fight each other.
Blind but searching
I go on...
It's all so overwhelming.
I'm amazed I've went this far.
When will I find this haven?
Tired from the madness...
Blind but searching...
I go on...
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
Born into shadows we stand to fight, helping maplers with an alluring light.
Dagger and shield on thy hands, we shall protect our almighty land.
The path is long and hard don't you see, but we shall beat black mage and claim victory.
Memories engraved upon my dagger here, as I'll fight with my shadow to kill the fear
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
The grey clouded skies above.
I stand out here as I watch,
the rain pour down.
So soft and gentle.
Is it cleansing itself from the evil,
and the hatred in the world?
Nature cleanses itself so easy,
but why can't I?
It's so simple...
yet it holds more beauty,
than those of a flower.
It's so peaceful out.
Why can't it rain more?
So we can escape the chaos of our lives
and stay in the never ending dream.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
As an icy cold gaze staring
the misty haze gathers all around.
Ever so silent is the air,
as your slow heartbeat making the only sound.
As coming forth ever so slow...
Your moments flow back here
and with this there is an eerie glow,
now there is no fear.
Yet closer as he comes
an aura can now be seen.
Now under a spell you've become.
the bone-like hand reaching out upon you.
The beating slowly coming to stop,
as your eyes go to close...
With his image beginning to fade,
as he has come and taken you away.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 1 0
Under Moonlight's Gaze
Down below under moonlight's gaze..
There's an angel falling,
from heaven's way.
People watching on up at the sky..
As a star that's shooting,
it's waving goodbye.
She starts to cry below the moon..
When water starts raining,
seeds below bloom.
A girl far away looks out her window..
Seeing the star she's wishing on,
on her pillow.
When under the moon the angel flies..
Here she is rising,
once more to the sky.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0
Over the Hills
Over the hills in a dark eerie valley...
Where in the depths of far reaches,
There's twilight shown glimmering by moonlights cast.
On this cold night wandering amongst the trees...
Watching your breath and listening to heartbeat,
on a night as dead as this.
Where swift gusts of wind break the silence,
ruffling the leaves all round.
Panic and chaos come to mind.
Frenzy and horror in thy eyes.
Moods like these show how you're alive.
With so much unknown that's feared.
Paranoia has taken this mind from here.
Adrenaline pumping so violently, rushing faster.
The cold sweat, numb sensation, heart gallantly racing.
A gallop beating faster...faster and louder from behind.
Will this be a horrific demise?
Over the hills in a dark eerie valley,
Where twilight of moon is cast...
On this cold dead night out a horseman came,
and taken a head on this roundabout.
:iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 1 0
WIP Plusle and Minun Watercolor by ShadowyMystik WIP Plusle and Minun Watercolor :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 2 3 Sunday Night Dinner by ShadowyMystik Sunday Night Dinner :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 1 0 Kirito WiP by ShadowyMystik Kirito WiP :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 2 Eureka by ShadowyMystik Eureka :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 0 0 Lost in Thoughts of You by ShadowyMystik Lost in Thoughts of You :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 2 8 Itadakimasu by ShadowyMystik Itadakimasu :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 2 8 Goi Ga by ShadowyMystik Goi Ga :iconshadowymystik:ShadowyMystik 2 9


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I know, I know. I haven't really been on dA all too much and I apologize. With my full-time job being a sushi chef, my computer being down and all. However, I have amazing news actually. I'm going to be a father ^^ A father of a little girl when January comes around. I was surprised though. I was honestly thinking it would be in February. 

I'm very excited about being a dad though. I swear my daughter is going to be so talented. Marlie, Kawii-Usagi-Chan, is an amazing artist and really smart. As for me, I'm Asian. That says it all LOL. Jk, on a serious note. She would pick up my culinary skills, my intuition, knowledge, knack for games, and picking up things fast :3

Our baby will also just be so cute ^.^ Marlie is part Mexican, and French. While I'm part Japanese/Okinawan and white. So can you just imagine how cute she will be @_@ 

I recently bought a ps2 off of craigslist for $30 which was an amazing find :D I get to share my childhood games. Crash bandicoot, spyro, ape escape.... I'm hoping to get my computer tower fixed so I can re-install my emulators. The first computer game she will play will not be Putt Putt Saves the Zoo. It will be Pokemon! :D Then she can play your games Marlie ;P


United States
My name's Devan. I'm an artist of many trades.



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